Fitting Instructions Beams

** Download our Beam Fitting Instructions pdf, Click Here **

Please note, whether you are covering an RSJ or just fixing a beam to the ceiling, the same fitting instructions apply although timber would need to be glued and fixed to the ceiling first either across or along the joists depending on the beams position. This allows the beam to be wrapped around and fixed securely. This will enable you to screw into the beams through the sides and into the timber or alternatively underneath depending on the depth of the beam. There are other techniques to fit our replica oak beams if these two options cannot be done, for example if the beam is only shallow in depth you may fix the beam directly into the ceiling joists, alternatively there may be an option of only glueing the beam in position without any fixing. All this can be discussed prior to ordering.

Please see fitting instructions for RSJ covers and all fitting diagrams for guidance.

Anyone with a fair amount of DIY skills should have the confidence to fit our products themselves although we are here to help and give support over the telephone.

We also provide our own full fitting service throughout the UK

** Download our Beam Fitting Instructions pdf, Click Here **