About Our Product

about the product 1Our replica oak beams are created using a reinforced carcass which is carved and shaped using a mix of special, hardened plasters. The finished result has an original look and feel, but has the added bonus of being strong but considerably lighter than oak.

Unlike other replica oak  beams on the market (which are moulded or mass produced), ours can be made to sensitively match the other traditional features in your home. In addition, we have the ability to add as much detail as you require – for an old cottage you may want a scalloped or adzed finish with plenty of splits, knots and wood-worm. We can do this. If your property is a new build or barn conversion and your specification is a lot less grain and texture; we can do this too.
pc company 2bA large percentage of our work is covering unsightly RSJ’s. We achieve this by creating a U-shaped beam to cover the existing area. As long as the RSJ is blocked and boarded (as per current building regulations) all we require is the size of the area to cover. We will then add 20mm to the inside measurement which will allow the beam to be slotted over with ease, creating instant character to a once bland area. Using a similar technique we can also cover new timbers, all types of pipework and boxing in with our unique and versatile product.

As a company we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and attention to detail; our aim is to meet your needs. If you require any advice regarding our bespoke products and services,which include reproduction,replica oak beams and RSJ Covers, please do not hesitate in contacting us for any further information.